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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Jaime Samms

Well, it's been a while, but here's the good news: June 28, 2009, release date for Black Roses. This little story started an avalanche, I tell you! In trying to find it a new home after the mag where it was first published for all of about three weeks, closed, I pitched an idea to a friend, who pitched it to her friend, who told her boss, and there it is: Immortal Fire.

An anthology of love stories between immortal men. You'll find vamps and ghosts, spirits, sprites (well, dryads, but sprites was better alliteration) and lucky men who find immortality in magic. The stories are written by a host of wonderful authors from across the glbt writing community;

Black Roses Cover Art

Clare London
Adrianne Brennan
Nix Winter
M. King
Bryn Colvin
and of course, myself.

On the 28th, M. King and I will release the first two titles in ebook format, and host a chat to celebrate the launch of a series of releases that will culminate in a print book of all the stories compiled into one fantastic package.

Join us Sunday the 28th for the Immortal Fire Anthology Launch Chat at His and His Kisses from loveyoudivine. The sexiest gods in the celestial skies are on fire. Jamie Samms and M. King are your hostesses and will announce their releases - Black Roses and Almost Human, as well as introduce you to their fellow antho authors and launch the Hunt For Immortal Fire - to win free ebooks or a copy of the print volume. Join His and His Kisses by sending a blank email to

See you Sunday at 12:00 Noon EDT!!!