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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

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Jaime Samms

Today, I had a wonderful, do what I want day. I visited on line, went to the movies with my family, and did a bit of writing. Well, a bit of re-writing. It was a fun and relaxing day.

I want to share a few links, too. The first is my latest release.

 Grounded: BookTwo in the Ageless Series. 
In a difficult role reversal, Mikko finds himself relying on his submissive lover to keep their home and their happiness safe from Mikko's unfinished business.
Ken and Mikko have overcome the hurdle of finding one another and coming to terms with the damage they both did to their relationship. Happy to submit to Mikko's rule, Ken has come a long way toward finding his own strength again, and has decided he must officially end the relationship he ran out on when he went looking for Mikko. Awaiting Ken's return is the hardest thing Mikko has ever had to do.

He is forced to come to terms with his own shortcomings, and confront his own past, the secrets he's kept, and the effect they may have on his lover.

When that past knocks on their door, Mikko has to face the fact he might not be able to protect Ken any longer. Whether or not he finds the strength in himself to accept help may mean the difference between keeping their home and their life safe, or losing everything to the man he thought he had escaped.

Also, I have a link to something free and fluffy for those more inclined that way :)

Enjoy Santa's New Line, the new and improved story of a man whose wish finally came true.

Blurb: Cody once asked Santa to give him just one person who understood what he was going through. Problem was, he didn't actually believe in the old gift giving elf any more. Imagine his surprise when, years later, that request is filled, completely out of the blue. 

Read it here: