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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Shiela Stewart on On-line Dating

Jaime Samms

Today, Shiela Stewart drops by to speculate on a different sort of on line dating service, and to give away a copy of her new book: Horsing Around. Come on in and check it out! 

Welcome, Shiela!

How many times have you seen ads for Dating services? Those promises that they will help you find just the right person who is compatible with you, someone who will be with you for the rest of your life. And those couples they parade on TV stating how they found their perfect match through the company. They seem so happy, don’t they? But have you ever thought, “What if they’re not sexually compatible?” What if he likes S&M and she doesn’t. What if she prefers to role play “Doctor and Nurse” “Teacher and Student” and he finds it creepy? Sure, they have everything else in common, but if they don’t work in the bedroom, how long will their relationship last.

That’s what sparked a story idea for me. It started with Mistress Bella and her on-line Sex Dating service called Carnal Desires. I wrote out a questionnaire and everything, started a website called Carnal Desires and from there the ball kept rolling. She would need some place for her matches to meet, get to know each other, have sex, on neutral ground. That way if it didn’t work out, neither knew where the other lived and they could part ways unscathed.  Thus the Desire Inn was created.

Now I needed my first couple. Sara Miller and Andy McDonald popped into my head. Sara is tired of the men in her life not giving her what she wants in bed. Andy is sick of the women he’s dated only wanting him for his money. They join Carnal Desires and Mistress Bella matched them up, knowing they would be perfect for each other. And she was so right.

Their first meeting proves explosive and it doesn’t stop there. Though these two barely know each other, they know they click in the bedroom.

No, this isn’t a sex for hire service. It’s quite different. Aside from matching couples with their perfect sexual mate, Mistress Bella makes sure they have other things in common. She wants more for her clients than just a good lay. She hopes for love.

So my question to you, the readers is: Would you consider joining such a service. If yes, go to my Carnal Desires website and copy one of the questions on the questionnaire and post it here in the comments and one lucky commenter will win a free ecopy of Horsing Around.
Horsing Around:
Place of Purchase:
Shiela’s Website:
Carnal Desire’s: We've got a match for all your sexual pleasures.
Sara Miller needs a real man. One who can give her what she desires in and out of the bed. So far, none have met her expectations. She’s hoping all that will change after submitting her application to Carnal Desire’s Web dating service.
The owner of several prize-winning horses, more money than he knows what to do with, Andy McDonald has it all. Except for the love a good woman. He’s sick of flighty bimbos wanting only his money and not satisfying his sexual desires.  After a friend pressures him into looking on line for a woman, Andy gives in and submits his application.
Sex takes on a new twist when Sara and Andy get together and nothing is taboo.
Sara’s heart was beating so hard, she was sure Mistress Bella could hear it. She could very well turn tail and run. Why did she need a man in her life right now, let alone someone she might consider for the long haul?
Then the door opened. Before her stood the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen.
He wore nothing more than a towel around his hips, dipping low enough to reveal a thin line of hair from his navel down.  His chest was glistening with moisture from the shower he’d obviously just stepped out of and was firm and muscular. His sandy blond hair was damp and messed up. He had a bit of stubble on his face, which made the ruggedness even more prominent. And when he smiled, those big blue eyes twinkled. He was definitely yummy. His picture didn’t do him justice by any means. Sara nearly swallowed her tongue.
Then he spoke.
"Well howdy, ladies."
Her heart calmed. His slight Southern drawl, with its deep resonance, was soothing and somewhat relaxing. And very arousing. She loved a man with an accent, and even though Andy’s was faint, it was still enough to turn her on. Between her legs, her flesh began to swell and moisten.
"Good afternoon, Andy. Looks like we caught you in the middle of your shower."
He stroked the damp sandy-blond hair from his face and Sara nearly swooned. "I just stepped out. I’m running a bit behind, I’m afraid." He turned his attention to Sara and her pulse pounded in her ears. "Pleasure to meet you in person, Sara."
She took the hand he held out to her; he completely surprised her when he turned her hand over and brushed his lips across her knuckles. "Pleasure’s mine." Like tiny electrical charges zapping every sensitive nerve in her body, he had her quivering with that one simple gesture.
"Well, come on in and make yourself comfortable while I go change."
He stepped aside to let them in and as Sara walked past him, the scent of the woods after a light rain shower wafted off of him, like fresh, aromatic greenery touched by a kiss of sunlight. She was going to have no problem at all being with this man.
She and Bella headed to the sitting area of the suite while Andy headed to the bedroom. It was spacious, and came complete with a mini kitchen, sitting area, TV and plush sofa and chair. Almost identical to her own suite.
"Pretty easy on the eyes, isn’t he?"
Sara smiled at Bella’s comment, taking a seat on the sofa. "I’m not having any trouble looking at him."
"And what better first meeting than to see him practically naked." Bella winked and beamed a huge grin. "Well, I’ll leave the two of you to get acquainted now. If you need anything, you know where to find me."
"Thank you so much, Mistress Bella."
"I love making people happy. I’m heading out, Andy," she shouted at the bedroom door.
"Catch you later, sugar." He stepped out of the bedroom, dressed in jeans and a dark blue t-shirt just as Bella left the suite. "Looks like it’s just you and me now, doll."
God, he was going to make her come, just by speaking. "Looks like.” She got to her feet. “So…how should we start this?"
"Let’s start with this as an opener."
He swung his arm around her waist and she gasped when he yanked her against his chest.