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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Six Sentences: A new Story

Jaime Samms

Today, I'm shifting gears. My current WIP is book three of my Ageless series: Severed.

In this book, Mikko and Ken find that fighting the worlds evils together might, in fact, tear them apart fro good.

Today, I've highlighted a conversation between Mikko and another Ageless, Dean, whom he's trying to decide if he can trust or not. The subject of the discussion? Morgan, a Powerful Ageless man bent on bringing the rest of the Ageless, shifters, elementals and all, under his control.

"Morgan truly believes he is fighting for the earth. He will do anything to reverse what humans have done, and he doesn't flinch at the lives he destroys in his quest."

"And yet you," Mikko shook himself free of Ken's grasp and stalked forward. "You sit here, at the ass end of the world and do nothing to stop him."

"He's not evil, Mikko. He's my brother."

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