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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Sunday Six: Jesse and Aadon

Jaime Samms

This WIP is a totally re-written version of the short story Better that used to grace my blog. It was, by most people's standards, only half a story. Sure, it dealt with a weighty subject, and resolved with two men feeling their tentative way into a relationship that may or may not have worked out, and for a lot of years, I was content to leave it at that. Now, I find I am beginning to see the light at the true end of their story, and it is time to revisit, revise, and see just exactly what kind of ending that light shines on.

In the mean time, here is a small snippet of that hesitant feeling out which takes place in the moments after their first kiss:

Jesse stepped back, dizzy, breathing harder than one little kiss warranted and bewildered at the sudden freedom.

What? he blinked at Aadon, the dim light working against him now, making it hard to see the other mans features. "What did I do?"

Believe me, Aadon cleared his throat, easing a bit of the huskiness from his voice, when youre ready to, I would love to explore that side of you a little more. He took a deep breath and stepped outside of Jesses space. But not tonight.

Do remember, there are tones of Sunday Six authors out there, with tons of great excerpts for every taste. Go check them out.