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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Saturdy Snark

Jaime Samms

I've been meaning for a while to join in Marie's Saturday Snark blog hop, and today, I finally managed to get my butt in gear.... So here is snark from Jimmy, the main character from my Rainbow Alley book, Fix this, Sir

Jimmy pulled himself up as much as he could, latching onto the momentum that kept him from thinking how vile he was being. “You and your perfect little feet and your perfect little legs and your perfect, cheery little,” he wiggled his fingers at her, “self can just go and sit on a—” “James!”

And because I do love Jimmy so, and I have the ability to go back in time, I thought I'd also plop in a bit of his snark from the previous book, Finder's Keepers.

Damn. Damn, damn, and damn.

The little shit had called it right, and I should have argued. I should have stood up for myself and told him no, I wasn’t in any way interested in what Gabe did.

“Fuck me.”

The bike ride that took me through town and into the shopping district only got me almost killed three times. It hurt to know Gabe was upstairs coddling Rory and not chastising me for driving like a maniac. It shouldn’t.

Damn, damn, and fuck.

Just because I didn’t want to be in love with Gabriel fucking Stark didn’t mean I wasn’t. Just because I wanted to hate the little prick he loved instead of me didn’t mean I could.

I parked at the corner coffee shop, grabbed a brew, and wandered the shops. I knew Gabe wouldn’t think of it, so I picked up a couple of shirts, a pair of jeans, and some socks and boxers in Rory’s size. Itty bitty, skinny little fucker size.

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