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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Sunday Entertainment: November 27, 2011

Jaime Samms

AUTHOR FRIENDS AND ACQUAINTANCES RANDOMNESS Lex Valentine and S.J. Frost both have a bit to crow about this week. Their stories, Lex's Breathe Me In and Sunstroked as well as Shanon's Enduring Instincts are all honoured at Outstanding Gay Fiction. Congrats, ladies!

I ran across this book review for Jasmine Nights written by S.P. Somtow on Michael Jacob's blog. I thought he and I shared a lot of views on the events of this past month in common, and I liked the way he explained how the book reached past all that to show him a brighter side of human nature. I think I'll go out and find this book and have me a read. I'll get back to you on how I felt about when I read it.

Once again, Damon Suede has jumped to the head of the class. His book Hot Head made it through the semi finals on Goodreads' best of 2011, and is in the final run for best romance. Here's the link, if you want to vote, and here's the cover, well, just because we all know how I like to look at it :D


Fellow Dreamspinner Eric Arvin has post a short about his characters Cat and Gael from his anthology Slight Details and Random Events on his blog for our enjoyment. I thought it was hideously mean of him to end the excerpt where he did, but also a good sales tactic. He reeled me in! I loved the very human, regular, very approachable and relatable issues his characters fought about, even in such a short excerpt, and I'm dying to know how they deal with the bigger, more important issues. Go have a read! ETA: I broke down and bought the book. Look for a bit of book talk here, once I get started...