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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Sunday Entertainment: Nov 19, 2011

Jaime Samms

To start off with, Damon, once again, has gone and put himself in the spotlight. His book,  Hot Head, has made it into  the semi-finals of Goodreads's best romance of 2011. So that's cool beans. Congrats, Damon. As I've mentioned my opinion before, well deserved. (It might be I keep talking about this because I just love the look of the cover and want to post it again. That's always a possibility.)

This week, I finally took some time for myself and watched a movie. I picked up Torch Song Trilogy. Now, I'm not a gay guy, so I might have missed a few cliches present in this movie. I dare say there were more than a few, like the gay bashing death of beloved, the bi guy who can't decide what he wants, and the mother...the Jewish, New York But...She was definitely cliche, yes. She was also...oddly sympathetic, though at some points I wanted to hate her. I really did, but in the end, couldn't, because she might have been closed off and narrow in her definitions of things, but she didn't stay that way. She tried, and that made all the difference as to how I felt about her character. And the scene between Arnold and his mother?

"You want to be a part of my life, I'm not editing out the parts you don't like...There's one more thing you'd better understand: I have taught myself to sew, cook, build furniture, fix plumbing, I can even pat myself on the back when necessary. All so that I don't have to ask anyone for anything. There's nothing I need from anyone except love and respect and anyone who can't give me those two things has no place in my life."

That will be one of my favorite scenes in any movie for a really long time, I think. I can't think of a sentiment truer to life than that, and brilliantly presented, writing, acting, everything. Great movie. I'll probably rent it again.


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It snowed. That is all.