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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Sort of Sunday Entertainment (since it's Friday)

Jaime Samms

What is Everyone up to? Belinda McBride is doing weekly giveaways on her blog! Every Sunday in December, she's giving out something with the lovely "Dance" image that she commissioned from the talented PL Nunn. (One of my all time favorite anime artists!!!!) If you read 'When I Fall,' you'll recognize the scene. :) (I haven't yet, but now I'm going to have to!!!)

Haven't seen the art? You can check it out and enter to win something at her blog

Also, she just received the release date for 'Gift of the Maggie.' It'll be a bonus release over at MLR Press for their holiday shorts and is scheduled for December 23.

And in case you still need more from Belinda, she has a revamped version of her "Don't Read in the Closet" short story from Goodreads available here, called Free To Fly.

Lords of Aether is still going strong, and this week, It's KC Burns' turn to post: "A Chilly Reception"

Someone's getting down and dirty in the garden at the ball! BJs in the dark and other fun! Come by and read the story for FREE!


Total E-Bound is in the giving mood, so drop by for some discounts on, well, pretty much all our e-books

On Christmas Day visit to get 25% off ALL eBooks

From Boxing Day until New Year visit to get 10% off all eBooks

Dreamspinner also wants to give you stuff, so drop by there to see what's up for the day. Here's the link you'll want. That'll give you information on what's being given away or discounted, and on the 26, there will be a new Newsletter with more fun savings. Just subscribe to the Newsletter now, and you'll be in time for the next one!


Alas, this particular wordpress template doesn't let me embed video, but I wanted to share this awesomly cool version of Little Drummer Boy by Sean Quigley, a 16-yr-old from Winnipeg who wrote the score, played the instruments, sang and directed the video. Go Sean.