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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Kissing at Christmas

Jaime Samms

Since it's almost Christmas, I thought  I'd share a Christmas story. It's isn't your usual Christmas sugar plum and candy cane sweet Christmas story, though. It's about Julian, not sure he believes he's worthy of love and Marcus, who's going to show him it's worth trying for, even if it's scary and it hurts. This is from my Pink Petal release (from last year) called Goodbye Scrooge. Like the story, it's an unconventional kissing scene, but I hope you all like it. Goodbye Scrooge cover

“I told you. I don’t do Christmas.” He turned his back and walked away without taking anything, leaving me to trail after him and hope I didn’t run into anything I couldn’t see around the armload of presents.

“And I told you, I do.”

“Take your damn shoes off!”

“Take the damn presents, and I will!”

At least the snapping was familiar ground. I juggled the gifts, dumping a few onto the couch, keeping hold of the one I knew needed to be handled with more care.

“Keep them.” Julian dropped himself onto the couch.

“Nope.” A quick flick sent my sandals sailing back across the kitchen to thump against the door. I settled among the brightly wrapped boxes and pulled Julian closer. “Open them.”


“Yes.” I set the last gift down on the coffee table. “This one first.”

Julian frowned. “You can’t make me.”

“What are you? Five?” I picked it up again and placed it in his lap. “Open it.”

“Why are you doing this, Marcus? Why are you here?”

“Because.” Tossing caution out as pointless at this juncture, I took Julian’s face in both hands and turned him to look at me. “Tonight, everything changes.”

He tried to escape, but I held firm, pulled him in and kissed him.

If the tension in the room hadn’t been enough, the tension in the man was off the charts. His lips didn’t move, his body strained, and if I had been any less determined to break him, I would have backed off. But I’d come here to show Julian another way, and I was not leaving until the man cracked.

A little shift brought me closer, my thigh pressed against Julian’s hard, immobile leg. Undaunted, I slipped my hand around the back of his head, let my fingers play up into his hair, and though he drew away, he didn’t go far. Julian’s short, raspy breath gusted across my face, sharp with the scent of uncertainty.

“Relax, Julian.”

“We don’t kiss.” Julian pressed back, as though he thought he could break my hold, but the pressure lasted only a short, shattered moment before he stopped. “We don’t kiss.” His voice choked.

“We never have,” I corrected, leaning closer, letting my breath mingle with his, touching my forehead to the professor’s. “I think it’s time you gave it a try.” Gently, I touched lips to Julian’s again, testing, prodding lightly with my tongue at his refusal. “Try.”


I lapped up the question. “Because it’s nice.”

Quick and strong, Julian pulled free and backed until his spine pressed up against the arm of the couch. “Nice.” His brow lowered, hiding the pure, dark amber glow of his eyes. “I–don’t kiss guys.”

“I do.” I pursued him across the intervening space and captured him again. “Try.” Once again, I drew the tip of my tongue over Julian’s lips, slightly parted this time, and it was almost painful to resist the temptation to dip inside, take the slight chance to open him up and take a taste. I’d never kissed anyone so tentative, so frightened, in my life, and it was heady and exciting and terribly dangerous. This whole plan could backfire horribly.

Just when I was about to resign myself to failure on this first attempt, Julian’s mouth softened. His lips parted and his head tilted ever so slightly. It was possibly the softest, sweetest kiss I had ever experienced. It went straight to my dick, and I couldn’t help the tiny moan that escaped as my cock woke and took stock of what was happening.

I hope you enjoyed this slowly unwrapped Christmas gift. If you'd like to know more about my writing, check out my website, or follow me on twitter at JaimeSamms or on FaceBook or come by My LiveJournal

Thanks again, Victoria, for hosting me!