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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Movie Talk: Sherlock Holmes

Jaime Samms

If you ask me, the loveliest thing about this movie is that no one pretends they don't know fans will be slashing these two all over the place. And yet, to the average viewer, it's just another bromance. Well, if by bromance, you mean the the kind where everything blows up, everyone gets shot at least once, and there are giant fish hooks and man on man waltzing. If you mean that kind of bromance.

So did I like it? well of course! Witty, fun, fascinating, especially listening to hubs beside me analyzing all the genius manipulating I was too busy watching the for Meaningful Gazes to notice. Oh! And the visual of where steampuk started. Yeah. That was pretty cool, too. And totally Dionne hate the actual female love interests, either. Always love a good female role where the girl kicks ass and shoots a few baddies to boot. Even the genteel wife shot off a few zingers. no shrinking violet, she.

Hats off to another great, entertaining movie. I may not be terribly hard to please in this department, but hey, I wasn't in that theater alone, and hubs didn't complain. Must have been enough explosions to go around :D