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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Sunday Entertainment February 4, 2012

Jaime Samms

On Monday. I know. I was editing all weekend, so hopefully, that's some consolation. It means Tools of Justice, co-written by me with Sarah Masters is one step closer t it's release in May WOOT!!! So, the News:

From the Web:

I haven't spoken up much about the PayPal fiasco. Not because I'm not following or don't have an opinion, but more because I don't know all the facts and I don't wish to spread mis-information. Suffice to say, I think the whole issue is a frightening and dangerous one and we should not let it slide lest we get buried in the resultant debris of lost freedoms. On that note, read this blog by one of my publishers, Loveyoudivine, and think about it. Learn the ins and outs of what's going on, and take a stand. It's important.

From My Publishers:

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And What About me?

Like I said, been neck deep in edits for Tools of Justice, but that is done and off to Sarah to work on. Next up, I will be working on Lace, another TEB offering being fixed before they make their final decision. I'll keep you posted.

I also spent a good deal of last week reading Bear Otter 

and the Kid. Wow. Monster book. I remember why I had been putting it off. It's looong!! But to me, the character development required that length. I loved the ocean/drowning theme Mr. Klune used throughout the story. The way he built it up to the point where the main character, Bear was feeling helplessly washed out to sea and lost was extremely effective.

I'll admit, the book had me in tears by that point. I also need to point out by the time I got to there, it was well past midnight and I was...overtired....yes. That's just it. Overtired. ;~)

I know I say quite often not many books can actually make me cry, and then every other book I talk about, I end up saying it mademe cry. Keep in mind, I don't talk about the books that didn't really touch me in some way. I read a lot of books. I don't talk about them all. I talk about the ones that matter to me, and this one matters. Why?

Because it's an excellently written book. It explores the very potent world of the family you chose over the family you were born into. It explores responsibility, trust, honesty and forgiveness. And on another level, it will outlive controversy and it has proven to me that all those things that are central themes in the book are alive and well in the real world that published it.

I can only recommend this as a fine book about rising above everything and holding onto the things that matter with both hands and all your heart.