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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Book Talk: Her Two Dads by Ariel Tachna

Jaime Samms

Her Two DadsIt's no secret I love this author. I've talked about her work often enough that it should be pretty clear she's one of my absolute favorites. Still, I wasn't sure I was going to read this book, because, well, she's so prolific that I just don't have time to read them all, and I have a whole list of her other titles I still want to get to. Well, what decided me was Audible. It was available there and I had a credit, so I picked it up and besides, I was curious how it would be to listen to a m/m book read by a woman. I don't remember the reader's name, but I have to say, she does a spectacular job. (although, I'm not sure if the ipad is glitching, or if there are a few spots where the editing is off, and some short bits of narrative are repeated. It's happened a couple of times, but I can live with that.)

I'm not sure how close to the end I am, but probably pretty close, because things seem to be wrapping up nicely, the lives of this little family coming together, and everything. I admit, there were times I wanted to slap Jaime upside the head for his...well...typical man behavior, but I never outright didn't like him. He has issues with letting people around him feel how they're going to feel, and he kind of defaults to assuming they'll feel the worst, but still, he does give Sri a strong foundation, and I think towards the end of the book, there's hope he'll begin to be a little more open minded about the people who love him.

As for Sri, Sophi's biological dad, well...if a man more suited to fatherhood exists...obviously, this is fiction, and even giving him his insecurities and his ignorance, Ms. Tachna created a man who was simply born to be a father. There's really nothing to not like about him.

Basically, what I'm saying is that I'm glad I picked this book up. It's been a wonderful break from all the angst I'm writing at the moment, and a bright spot in my days as I listen to it.

Thanks, Ariel. (And sorry if I spelled character names wrong. Hard to know how you spell them in audio)

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