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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Positive energy

Jaime Samms

I really think the universe gives us back what we put out there. Negative energy yields negative results, and positive energy gets good things. I'm quite sure that the more times I smile, the more times people smile at me. The more times I frown, the more people look away, not wanting to know. So, in light of that, and the fact I missed my Sunday Entertainment post because I was busy (with Boxer Falls....more on that later this week!), I thouhgt I would share some of the positive vibes going around out there. A couple of blog posts you may or may not take the time to read, but that I thought were worth it.

First, Dan Pearce has a great blog called Single Dad Laughing, and a week or so ago, he wrote this post about what it means to be, not gay, not straight, not Christian, not even religious, but just...human. I really thought it was worth the time to read, so I'm passing it on to you all.

In response, he received an email from a mom talking about her own son, and if this doesn't prove my point about how putting positive energy out into the world yields positive results, I don't know what does. He posted about this little family, and their response to his post here.

And on another note, because I have an almost-teenage-daughter, I wanted to applaud Ashley Judd for her healthy attitude and her very well-spoken article about something every girl, every woman, should be aware. Because conscious thought is better than blindly falling into destructive mind sets set by a society that isn't getting any healthier.