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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

More Random Moments

Jaime Samms

Morning, peeps. Well...*checks clock* okay, it's way, way into afternoon, actually. So...yeah. But it's been a busy day. Quick rundown:

1) I finished a Rainbow Alley MS last night. This will eventually be a Total E-Bound title and my view is that it's important because an 82K manuscript with the words The End in place is an 82K Manuscript with the words The End in place. Am I right? Also, I think there might be (I hope!) readers out there who have been waiting for Skate's redemption for some time, and this is it! Skate and Denny are back!
2) I signed a contract today for a short story (also, as it *is* very short, it can't be a DSP title) but it's about valentines and surprises and acceptance and it'll be going to MLR. I'm still trying to decide if the main character is transvestite or transgender. It's a little frustrating that I'll probably have to label it for categorical purposes when I took such pains not to label the character inside the story. Anyone got ideas on this issue, I'm really receptive to listening to them, please.
and finally, 3) I received The Call this morning about my day job. I'll be working nights starting March 18 and finishing (possibly) June 28. I'm liking that length of contract, however, I suspect it will increase in length by at least a month eventually. It usually does.
I also have a link round up for you, because I ran across some very interesting interviews and posts today that I thought you might like.
1) Victor J. Banis can partially be credited (blamed? lol!) for my preoccupation for men in women's attire withLola Dances his book Lola Dances. It's an amazing, emotional, sometimes difficult but ultimately  extremely rewarding read, and I heartily recommend it. He's offered a few excerpts on the Gay and Lesbian Fiction Excerpts blog if you feel so inclined. Here's the link.
infectedpreyfs2) Alix Bekins interviewed Andrea Speed and the interview has now got me completely dithering over Andrea's Infected series. It sounds like an incredible read. The trouble is, it also sounds like I'm going to do that thing where I go into fits over the Main character's well being, and from the interview, I don't get an overwhelming sense of reassurance that he's going to be okay. I don't have enough experience with Andrea's writing to go in with the ritual understanding that it will all end with HEA or HFN, and that makes me nervous. Intrigued, but nervous. Check out the interview for yourself and see what you think. If you've been following the series, tell me: Am I in for heartbreak here if I pick it up?
Two Girls in Love3) And I was perusing movies and came across this one; The Incredibly True Story of Two Girls in Love that I remember watching and loving, so I thought I'd share :)
All around, 2013 is shaping up to be a decent year so far. Now, off to log a wordcount with farmers, ranchers and young men being horny and defying my plot ideas. (again)