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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

The Next Big Thing

Jaime Samms

Michele L. Montgomery caught me just when I’d thought everyone I know had already done this meme, and in a moment of weakness, I said yes. So here I am, a part of The Next Big Blog Hop. The goal is to tag as many authors as you can…sorta like paying it forward. Talk about your recent WIP, or new release. And then find a couple other authors and tag them. Michele, darlin’ you have to know I love ya, babe, but I don’t know if I have anyone left to tag!!! Now, here are the ten questions to ask and that I’m answering.

1-      What is the working title of your novel? The working title is Combine.

the next big thing2-      Where did the idea for the novel come from? Originally, a song called n the Combine by High Valley about a man’s memories of growing up working a wheat farm, and how riding the combine encompasses things from bonding with his father to discover first love. Ultimately, the song is about the man’s love of his life and his land. My story veers of f into more of a love story, though.

3-      What is the genre of the novel? Like always, this is m/m romance. Unlike my usual fare, though, it is very tame in the heat department despite the fact the love story centers on three men mapping out how to love one another without destroying friendships, family or anything else.

4-      Which actors would you choose to play the characters in a movie rendition of the novel? Hmmmm. Griff is a dead ringer for someone like Toby Keith. I know I kow, he’s a singer, but I think he could pull off hit-first-ask-questions-later, big-hearted Griff. Howard, the mechanic should be played by someone dark and a little brooding. Maybe Jake Jyllenhal? And Don is a wee thing, all big brown eyes and dark curls. Elijah Wood comes to mind, except he’d have to wear coloured contacts. No one would recognize him!

5-      What is a one-sentence synopsis of the novel? Love isn’t complicated, people are.

6-      Will the novel be self-published, published by a publisher, or represented by an agency? I’m hoping it will be a Dreamspinner release.

7-      How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript? I’ll let you know when I’m done. The first 30K took about a month.

8-      Who or what inspired you to write this novel? That High Valley song was the main inspiration, but it quickly veered into new territory after that.

9-      What other novels would you compare this story to within your genre? I wouldn’t presume to compare what talent I have to his, but Andrew Grey’s Love Means… series shares the farm and family themes with this story, and since I recently ploughed through the entire series, I would have to say they probably influenced this books somewhat, as well.

10-  What else about your book might pique a reader’s interest? It is a three-way love story. Some readers like that, but I have to warn them, if they’re looking for hot man on man on man sex, they’ll be disappointed. All of the love scenes thus far are pretty tame and feature only two of the lovers at a time. It also spans the character’s life, from age 12 to their present in which they’re in their early thirties. (No, there is definitely no child engaging in anything remotely sexual, so don’t worry on that count.) Ultimately, this story is about bonds of friendship triumphing through adversity, and ties of love holding fast in times of stress. It’s about love being deep, about it being simple, even while it's hard work, and abut it being its own reward, and well worth that effort.