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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

All Wretch and No Vomit

Jaime Samms

No, I'm not trying to gross you out. it's a quote from a short video I found on You Tube talking about how we live our lives and how we teach our children to live. We teach them to live the same sort of life we have lived, and mostly, that's to find a way to make enough money to live, and more often than not, the thing we find is a thing we don't particularly like doing. and we teach our children this is the way o the world so that they can grow to teach their children to follow this path the find a way of life that works, and so on and so on, but no one ever finds a life they love because they spend their time doing things they don't love.

We keep trying and we keep trying and nothing ever changes. All wretch and no vomit.

It won't really. Only you can change your life, but it might change the way you see your life enough to encourage you to start making changes.

I advocate we break the cycle. My husband agrees. Maybe that is why we have the unconventional lifestyle that we do. I write and he home schools our children. Maybe that's why we got married in the first place. Because I'll tell you right now, as far as interests and thought processes go, we have very little in common. The one thing we both believe in is that no one ever found happiness spending their working life doing something they hated.

Anyone else think so?