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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Book Talk: Matter of Time by Mary Calmes (again, yes)

Jaime Samms

Matter of time 4This is the second time I book talk about this series. The first time was here. Into book four, I can sort of start forgiving Sam. I mean...he took one for the team. He stepped up. He did the right thing and I can sort of start to trust him again. So that's working out well.

But Jory. OMG Jory. Does he even know how much trouble he's in? Seriously? O. M. G.

Also, I'm on chapter 10 of fifteen. When the crime is all but solved, they know who the bad guy is and there are still five chapters...there is no amount of wrap-up in the universe that takes five chapters. Something bad is still going to happen. Like, let's see, jail time for the jail-bird? Mayhem from the mama? A heart attack for me, since I can't stand anything else happening to these guys? And just for the record, I was walking to work it IT happened and I stopped dead in my tracks and aother pedestrian literally bumped into me from behind. And I was all....No. She did NOT! Mary Calmes did NOT just do what I think she did. But she did. Sort of. And if that's too cryptic for you, read the books. Torture yourself as I did, with the roller coaster ride. It's fun, I swear!

As for the writing itself, well, when IT happened, it was exactly how you'd expect. Out of the blue. Traumatic. Completely unexpected. Very well done.

And no other writer can make me want to slap some sense into her characters so badly, but also make me love them at the same time. Go Mary!