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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Friend Release: Victoria Bliss - Rob and Lou's Wild Weekends

Jaime Samms

I've invited Victoria Bliss over today. I'm sure lots of us are familiar with her own Friends Friday posts., I've popped in there myself quite a few times, and her Sunday Snog loops, which are always fun, especially if you're like me and love the moment in the romance when they finally kiss for the first time...So today, Victoria dropped by here to share her new release with everyone. Enjoy!!! Here's Victoria:

Getting Real.

I deal in fiction, just to be clear. Rob and Lou’s Wild Weekends may read a little like Lou’s diary, but it is not a true to life document. However, I did set about writing about a really believable couple when I wrote the 4 stories that make up the bulk of my anthology.

It is always fun to write about crazy imaginative things like vampires and werewolves and billionaires but I thought it’d be fun to write a story about a couple you could walk past in the street. We all have different parts to our personas and I had great fun delving into the kinky side of Rob and Lou. I hope people reading realise that anyone can spice up their sex life, it just takes a little imagination.

Introduction to Rob and Lou.

Robert Nimble is thirty-five years old, he’s tech support for a large Internet host, and loves to play computer games to relax. He’s married to Louise Nimble, who’s a child minder, and a year younger than her husband. She bakes to unwind. Taking the old adage that stressed is desserts spelt backwards to heart.

Robert and Louise are more often known by the shortenings of their names—Rob and Lou. They’ve been married for ten years and have two children: Connor, who is six, and Elizabeth, who’s four.  They live in a terraced house in a suburban outskirt of Manchester. As a family, they enjoy their yearly week-long holiday to Scarborough, and visits to the cinema to watch films that the kids and adults giggle at in equal measure.  In the school holidays, they’ll often be found in museums and parks, enjoying the culture and the beauty of Britain.

They’re a smiley family, although Rob can get grumpy when his tech genius isn’t taken seriously enough, and Lou may have the patience of a saint with children, but more than two hours with her in-laws has her pulling out her hair. The children are mostly well-behaved, with an inclination to the curious, and the mischief that goes hand in hand with that. If they do run into the back of your legs, or scare you with their latest pet insect, they will apologise politely and you’re likely to instantly forgive them.

This book is not about the day-to-day life of this family, but those weekends and rare occasions that Lou and Rob get some time to themselves to indulge their sensual natures. Rob enjoys seeing his darling wife in very little clothing, and likes to indulge in intricate and imaginative role plays. Lou enjoys a bit of spanking, some domination, and bondage. She wouldn’t say she was into BDSM, per se; she just likes to dip a toe in the shallow end of that particularly pervy pond.  They both like to flirt with erotic danger, playing about in public places in hopes of possibly being caught.

Rob and Lou’s Wild Weekends are just that, so hold on and enjoy the ride.

rob-and-lou-wild-weekends 400Rob and Lou’s Wild Weekends.

 Blurb: Hold on tight, it’s going to get wild! Rob and Lou could pass you in the streets and you’d likely not notice them. They’re in their thirties, have a family and jobs to hold down and they do it with smiles on their faces. But occasionally they get a little time off and that’s when things get seriously sexy.

Light-hearted and fun, this mini-anthology features episodes from this couple’s wild weekends. Making the most of the mud, finding the erotic nature of an apron and even having a sexy visit to a fish and chip shop. Rob and Lou make the mundane much more pleasurable so join them on their kinky ride.

Includes a bonus short story Damsel in Distress and excerpts from other ebooks by the award winning queen of rosy, raunchy and rubenesque erotic romance, Victoria Blisse.

Mud is Good and Wetter is Better.

“I told you this was a fucking bad idea,” I yelled. “How the hell did I let you convince me to go camping on a bank holiday?”

“If I remember rightly, you were the one who suggested borrowing my brother’s tent.”  Rob pulled the door flaps closed and shook the water off his anorak.

“I was just being polite,” I grumbled. “I didn’t think he’d actually lend it to us.”

“And they’ve taken the kids for the long weekend. We really shouldn’t grumble.”

“But it’s cold and it’s wet and it’s miserable and I want to go home.”

“Well, Lou, we could do that but—”

“But what?” I threw my hands in the air. “Don’t tell me you’re actually enjoying this.”

“Well, no, that’s not it. It’s just that, erm, well. Just look out the tent flap and check out the car.”

I muttered and mumbled, shot evils at my darling husband, and crawled past him to look out into the storm. He passed me a torch so I could see into the murk. It wasn’t really late, but the storm had brought darkness early, and even though it was the middle of August, it felt like a dark, oppressive winter night.  I’d told Rob it would be a bad idea. It would rain, I’d be cold, but he didn’t listen. He wanted to go on a grand adventure. Something deep inside him ached to sleep under the stars, separated from nature by a bit of whippy canvas. Being the good and loving wife I am, I gave in. Also, Rob’s brother and his girlfriend had happily acquiesced to have our kids for the weekend, so I was looking forward to some adult alone time, even if it did mean I had to wear my thermals in the middle of summer.

When I spied our well-loved family car standing where we parked it, surrounded by a quagmire of mud, I really did wish I’d persuaded Rob to stay at home and just pretend we went camping. We’d not be stuck in the wild in the middle of a thunderstorm then.  We’d be rolling around in bed, eating snacks we don’t let the children eat, and fucking with abandon.

“Fuck.” I cursed. “I told you we should have parked it in the car park.”

“You did no such thing,” Rob exclaimed. “You dragged me in here and fucked my brains out.”

He was quite right, I had. Well, he looked all sexy with his sweat-beaded brow. I’d enjoyed watching him pitch the tent. It involved a lot of bending over, and my husband has a bloody gorgeous arse. I spent my time pretending to help, but really I was ogling his body and thinking wicked thoughts about having my way with him. So, instead of telling him we needed to park on the tarmac at the car park, I kissed him and pulled him into the tent. I didn’t strip him, I just opened his trousers. I had to struggle out of my own jeans so I could only watch him stroke his cock for a frustratingly long time, but as soon as I could I climbed on top of him. I pushed him down and straddled his waist. The scent of the crushed grass, mixed with his musk was so primal that it added excitement to what we were doing. I pushed down until I felt him stretch me. It was a heady mix and made me feel connected to nature in some kind of primitive way.


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