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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

My Office Chair

Jaime Samms

photo Ode to an Office Chair. Okay, well not really. I'm not going to write poetry because trust me, no one wants me to do that. And shhhhh! Don't tell Amy Lane, but I honestly have no idea what an Ode actually is. Shame on my literary educators for not making that one stick. So...why am I writing a blog post about my office chair? Because believe it or not, I actually like the damn thing. It's a bit ugly, I admit it. And it weighs about eight tonnes because it's made of oak and steel. There is not a plastic flippy lever on this thing.

If I want to adjust it, I have to actually get up and flip it over to get at the giant turn screws that adjust height, tilt and firmness of the back. It makes an odd creaking noise when I lean back, and one wheel falls out. Also, there is a reason they make them with five legs, now, instead of four. Trust me on this. Gravity? It works.

Every day, though, this chair is my friend. He's adjusted just right to keep me sitting up straight and has enough spring to let me relax after an intense scene. Usually, he's got four good wheels to get me from one side of my six-by-six office space to the other, and best of all, no one else thinks of spiriting him away because I'm the only one who actually likes sitting in him.

But this chair came with the house when I sort of inherited the place from my grandfather. I have no idea how old it is, or where it came from. I suspect it may have wandered home from someone's office at some point. Stranger things have happened. And every time I sit down, i think of how my Grandfather always supported me when I went to art school when everyone else thought I was off my head, and when my significant others dumped me, (or I dumped them) and when I moved out of the city with my husband, and again, when I moved back and he offered us and our nearly-born child this wonderful house to start our family. Ten--OMG thirteen!!!!!--years later, we're still here. Thanks, Papa!

So there. That's my praise of my favorite bit of my office equipment. How about you? Got a place in your house, a bit of your office you love because of it's associations?StainedGlass_postcard_front

Oh. heey. this brings me to a good reason for this nonsense post. I haven't given a book away in ages. I'm thinking maybe it's time. So here's the deal. Since in Stained Glass, Laurie and his friends quit (or get fired from) the ad firm where they all worked and decided to start a manga publisher in Laurie's apartment, and we're talking about home offices anyway, let's say I pick a name from those who comment and give a copy of Stained Glass to the winner.


The violent implosion of Lawrence McKenna’s last relationship left him floundering at the bottom of a bottle. Recently unemployed and struggling with his newly discovered submissive tendencies, Laurie needs his best friend, Jeff, more than ever. One sleepless night of detox and a desperate kiss convince him that the attraction they’ve battled all their lives has become too hard to ignore, but Jeff has other responsibilities that take him far away from Laurie and his self-destructive behavior.

When Jeff leaves, all Laurie wants is to be left alone to wallow. Instead, he finds himself riding herd on his friends who have quit their jobs to achieve their dream of starting their own manga publisher. Those same friends return the favor by riding him: about the booze, talking about what happened, seeing a doctor—and about Jeff, whose abandonment left Laurie bitter and resentful. Laurie knows they can’t have a relationship without forgiveness, but when Jeff returns, can he be what Laurie needs?

PS, if You've already read the book and want a copy of that delicious cover to hold in your hot little hands, let me know in your comment and I'll send you hard copy instead of ebook. (Or if you haven't read it and just want the paperback anyway)