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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Sunday Snog: From Off Stage: Right

Jaime Samms

I haven't done this in a while, but it seemed like a good day to have a Sunday Snog. OffStage_postcard_front_DSP

, since I havn't even had a chance (what with the day job and all) to talk much about this book, I wanted to take something from it to share.

I decided to pick the first kiss between Lenny and Vance, secondary characters in Off Stage: Right, because I'm working on their book now, and after weeks of editing other stuff, this will get me back in the swing of their story.

Enjoy :)

Once more, Len found himself staring into Vance’s eyes, losing himself in their depths and wishing he could stay lost. Vance’s touch strengthened, traveled, finger-tips sliding along his jaw until they tingled at the back of his neck. A spray of goose bumps trickled up through Lenny’s hair and down his spine and a sound, the softest, neediest moan he’d ever heard, issued from his mouth. “

I know,” Vance said, his twang rounding out the two simple words to form a bubble of understanding around them, encompassing them and protecting the moment just before their lips met.

It was like the first drop of water to his lips after years in the desert. He reached greedily for the entire ocean of experience Vance seemed willing to provide, but found himself being held back.

“Easy, darlin’.” Vance pulled back from the brief kiss to look into his eyes again.

“Don’t stop,” Lenny begged, desperate for something, anything, to let him feel like he wasn’t going to be carried away on the wind and rain blowing in gusts against the window.



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