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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Sunday snog and a brunch

Jaime Samms

First, the snog, because snogging is fun. :) sundaysnog

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I picked something from the soon-to-be-released book, Not as Easy as it Looks, about Don, Griff, and Howard, three guys trying to make life together work on Don's farm despite the difficulties of three way communication and the financial precariousness of their farm.

I picked Don and Griff's very first kiss, when they were just discovering all the things their childhood friendship is destined to become.

Griff’s smile, just his presence, had washed away the sick unhappiness of Howard’s departure and replaced that feeling with one of relief. Griff was back. Or maybe Griff had never left and it was only Don’s preoccupation with Howard that had made it seem that way.

Now, the sick rushed back tenfold, because Howard was just Howard. Sex was fun, but Griff was his. And Griff was the one about to leave.

A low growl issued from Griff’s chest and he turned. “You’ve got to be the densest person on the fucking planet.”

Don blinked at him. Griff never swore.

“I don’t understand.”

“Obviously.” He shook his head, tossing strands of gold and sunlight over his face and past the clear blue of his eyes, like wheat on the horizon. And that look went on forever.

Until Griff was too close to focus on and of much more immediate importance was the taste of the coffee they’d been drinking and the mint gum Griff always chewed. Eclipsing whatever was behind his eyelids—closed now because there was nothing to look at—was the feel of calloused fingers on his cheek, then his neck, and the slither of wet tongue into his mouth, past lips still parted in shock.

Griff was kissing him.

It was clumsy and wet and more real than any kiss Howard had presented him with. It was as strange as a boy stepping between him and threat and punching it in the face. And it was as ordinary as a boy climbing into the cab of his father’s truck like he belonged there.

He hadn’t even gotten his head around the fact of it before it was gone.

Griff watched him, eyes wide, fingers still lightly connected to his face.

“You… smell like horses,” Don said.

Blond brows collapsed in confusion and the blue clouded over.

“Howard never kissed me like that.”

“Holy fuck!” Griff spun and reached for the door.

Important to not: They're teenagers in this scene. Clueless, head-over-heels-in-love pod-brained teenagers :D

And also, I visited Z.A. Maxfield's blog for brunch today!


I talked a tiny bit about my Hagrid-like Magical Creatures, um, aspirations, and she entertained with Llama pronking and Disney clips. Check it out!