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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Bliss Kiss: After Dark

Jaime Samms

It's Sunday again, and as Halloween approaches, we've decided to join forces and bring you all a few sexy, paranormal kisses to usher in the spooky season. Mine is from my paranormal series, The Ageless, specifically, from the second book, Grounded when Ken first learns of his own shifter nature through a very nearly tragic attempt to protect his lover, Mikko, from Mikko's own past.

As if their disappearance was a signal, and


probably, it was, Ken collapsed. It was all Mikko could do to support him to the ground without letting him fall. He took hold of Ken's wrist, holding the wicked looking claws out away from where they could do any more harm.

"What...." Ken shifted, gripped Mikko's arm and held on for dear life. "What did I do?"

"Nothing. Ken, it's okay." Mikko clenched his teeth against the sharp daggers of pain under Ken's fingers as his own blood dripped onto the rocks.

"No. no, no, no. Not okay." He lifted his hand, still smeared in Darian's, and now Mikko's blood, and gazed at his knuckles. "What are those?" The plaintive look he lifted set Mikko back on his ass.

He flopped onto the ground, wrapped himself, arms and legs, around Ken and huddled him close with his face buried in Ken's hair. He took the bloodied hand, drawing it against his own chest. "I'll explain it all," he promised. "Now, I need you to relax, Kenny."

"Relax?' Ken struggled in his grip. "Relax? What the hell is happening to me?" His voice rose closer to hysterical with every word. "Claws, Mikko! What...that guy. What was he?" He yanked himself away, his strength still far greater in his half transformed state than Mikko could hold. His long claws raked across Mikko's shoulder, making him flinch. The strands of energy whipped in lightning streaks around them, tails nipping at Ken's calves.

Ken gasped, hunkered into a crouch a few feet away, and glared at him through fevered eyes. "What am I?"

"No one ever told you how this goes." Mikko wasn't really asking. So many young Ageless had no idea what was in store for them. Mikko hadn't. He'd been glad of finding Morgan at first. He had been there to explain it all, the transformations, the hallucinations and fevers, everything that came along with moving past juvenile into a fully adult Ageless form. It hadn't been until Mikko had settled into his powers that he realized Morgan's intentions had never been benign.

The ropes of energy still writhed about them, and Ken eyed the crackling lights with suspicion.

Mikko had one chance to get it right. Ken had to calm down, control the changes that were happening, or they would take their own form, as they had in Darian and his mate.

"Ken. Calm down." Mikko stood, towering over him. "Get up and come inside with me." He waited a heartbeat, drew the energy into a tight cocoon around them, not quite touching Ken's bare skin. "Now."

He could see Ken's adam's apple bobbing, see the confusion in his eyes, the fear. He only hoped the conditioning of the past months was enough; that the control he'd patiently worked for would break through Ken's hysteria, and he would obey. There was no way to control him physically without hurting him and probably destroying any trust he had, if he hadn't managed to gain an emotional foothold already.

Slowly, Ken rose, his fists clenched, his shoulders hunched forward. His eyes blazed with the fever of the change he was undergoing.

"In the house. Now." Mikko met Ken's glare. "You show off your naked ass to the neighborhood one second longer, I'll paddle it raw. Get inside."

Ken snorted, held up his clawed hand. "And you're worried they'll be looking at my ass?"

"My ass. Get it in the house."

"You don't—"

"Now!" Mikko pointed back toward the house, and Ken started violently. "Your second's up." He took a step forward fiercely concentrating as he let a band of raw energy slide around Ken's wrist. A sweat broke out across his brow as he fought to keep it where Ken could feel the heat and sharp blades of light, making him aware of the damage he could do, if Ken didn't obey. "Don't make me do it this way, Kenny, please." He knew he sounded more desperate than a Dom should. It would do more damage than just physical if he had to resort to this.

Ken moved, shuffled his feet, dropped his gaze. "You don't want me like this," Ken whispered.

Clamping a hand down on Ken's forearm, Mikko let the energy slide away and led him toward the house. Forcing some control back into his tone, he gave Ken a little jerk forward. "Don't you dare presume to know what I want or don't want. You belong to me, and you'll do as I say. You wanted this. Or do you forget asking for it? Just a short while ago, you begged me to own you."

"I don't forget."

"Good." Mikko reached for the door handle and shoved Ken inside ahead of him. "Upstairs and get cleaned off." He didn't dare ask Ken if he still wanted the control Mikko exerted over him. He had to keep him under control, at least until after he learned to control his abilities. At the very least, until those abilities settled into one form.

"What about..." Ken held up his hand and this time, when he raised his eyes, the glow, still feverish, was no longer defiant. Just frightened.

Mikko placed a hand over Ken's knuckles, feeling the cold ridges of sharp bone under his palm. "Once you've calmed down, the transformation will reverse itself." Mikko cupped Ken's face with his other hand, pulled him close. "You'll learn to control this, Kenny. I'll help you." He laid a tender kiss on Ken's lips. "Now go upstairs and get cleaned up."

"You still want me?"

In answer, Mikko kissed him again, deeper, and pulled him against his body. "I do."

"Ah! Ngh." Ken pressed against him, body rigid and tense. "Hurts!"

"I know." Mikko held him, nuzzling his hair, rubbing his back, keeping a tight grip on his wrist as the claws reversed and slowly disappeared. "Give it a minute."

I know, that was a rather long excerpt, but it took a while to get to the kissing part :) As always, please don't forget to head on over the link list and enjoy the other special event Sunday Snogs!

Almost forgot to mention, If you'd like to read the series, I'm happy to get you started with book one: Spinning.  Tomorrow (Monday) after work I'll pick a name from the comments and be in touch. Happy snogging!