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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

The NEW Canadian Math

Jaime Samms

Always start with a hypotheses. In this instance, let us hypothesize that working three jobs is a good way to put a small cushion in the bank. Now. Take your known quantities: Halloween, 4 pairs of winter boots, snow, and create an equation to support your hypotheses in which $$$ stands for a small nest egg in the bank. Solve for $$$$.


Halloween + 1 week / snow + (boots x 4 x $100/pair) = $$$$

snow on November 9 + $400 = $$$

4 pair winter boots - $400 = $$$$

0 = $$$


See how that works? You can toss them variables around in a salad bowl with a fork and a nice raspberry vinaigrette, and it still comes out the same: Canadian math sucks. Especially in the winter. Which starts in November. And ends in May. If you're lucky.

Lettuce anyone? lettudce