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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 


Jaime Samms

I can't seem to just sit and watch tv. Never could. So this alst week, I wanted to do something other than play silly iPhone games while I watched. I drew instead. I'll add these to the art section later, but I thought I'd share here. First, there is a small passage from the WIP I'm working on, and this picture to go with it:

“Hey,” he said, voice soft and close. Gregor’s fingers trailed over Coby and Gregorthe silk covering his eyes, his cheek, along his shoulder as the other man sat on the bed. Behind the blindfold, color flowed along in the wake of the touch, streaming after Gregor, swirling back in a tsunami wave, with music intertwined. It was the same music as the night before and he hummed along, sitting up, now that Gregor was no longer lying on the ends of the ties and he could move.

Gregor shifted. The bed dipped. Coby’s music cut off in a jagged gasp as he tilted, but Gregor was still right there to catch him.

“Don’t let me interrupt,” Gregor crooned, once more touching his face. “Can I listen?”

Coby smiled, watched the kaleidoscope of color for a few more minutes, letting the music embed itself in his mind and finally, found the thread that he could translate. “Can I have my guitar?”

He didn’t need his eyes to play. But he needed the guitar to remember the song. He needed to hear it outside his head to make it stick.


The bed moved again, though this time, Gregor kept a hand on him as he rebalanced. His fingertips trailed off Coby’s shoulder. A sparkle of rainbow colors drifted after and Coby listened for the soft shuffle of feet over carpet. He heard it this time, just under the riff of brushes on symbols in his head. Another aspect of the music settled into place and he made a mental note to tell Bruce.

A moment later, Gregor took his hand and pressed the neck of his guitar against his palm. He settled the instrument on his lap as Gregor sat next to him and silently listened to him pluck vibrations out of the colorscape and translate it into sounds, notes and chords.

“No words?” Gregor asked when Coby finally stopped.

Coby shook his head. “Not yet.”

2014-03-01 20.59.18




2014-02-27 21.55.33Then there is the "cat" my daughter suggested I draw:

And finally, Maikil, from the merman story I will unveil. Someday.