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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Of Google searches and accidental writing

Jaime Samms

samelliott It amazes me that I can type a search for "Older rugged cowboys" into a google images search and still get a picture of a girl in a bikini on the first page. I mean, sure, I also got the Marlborough Man, Sean Connery, Tim McGraw and this guy. (Who is Sam Elliott, BTW. I had to look him up because I know his face but never could remember his name.)

But a girl in a bikini? Why? Is the objectification so ubiquitous that "rugged Cowboy" = "scantily clad woman"? Because that sort of sucks.

Okay. So anyway. Little rant there, because it's not the first time I've observed that phenomenon. It bugs me. Obviously.

But about the accidental writing bit. So my process pretty much consists of a very few steps.

1) Open Document.

2) Write.

3) See what happens.

That's pretty much it. So when I got to be three chapters into this new story, I realized I had the basic idea who these two guys were, Eddie, washed-up-before-he-started, in-the-closet-door-slightly-ajar actor, and Pike, well-adjusted-but-prone-to-crushing-on-guys-he-can't-have stunt cowboy. So the potential is there, right? Put them in the same paddock as Pike tries to teach Eddie to ride, and watch the sparks...smoulder. So far. Not flying sparks yet. Eddie' being a jerk.

But there needs to be more conflict, so the sometimes step four of my process is what I call ramble-write until something happens. Most of what is produced in a ramble-write is often discarded. It's just me getting to know the characters. But sometimes, something comes up that slots perfectly into the "I need a conflict" hole in my plot.

Meet Tim. Disrepute. Drunk. Unreliable. Deep in denial, but willing to let a guy suck him off if it means he doesn't have to jack himself off. He's sort of a prick. Pike has worked with him just enough to know he doesn't like him. Eddie is just desperate enough for a drink....insta-bad-decision.