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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

TV Talk: Game of Thrones

Jaime Samms

game-of-thrones Can someone please explain? As far as I can tell, this series is six minutes of watching a perfectly nice, dysfunctional family get along and live happily and in tune with their pet Dire Wolves and then four seasons of watching them dismembered and killed, one at a time. Slowly. While the others watch. I'm not seeing the joy in this, people. There is no joy. There's no good guy. The bravest character I an find is an abused bastard son who thinks he's worthless, but was nice to the bullied kid. The most honourable one is a manipulative dwarf who's best characteristic is that at least he's open and unapologetic about being a jerk-wad, and the nicest one never speaks and thinks his wife is property. (We won't even talk about his brother-in-law who needs beating with a hurt stick)

The only characters I like are canine or pre-teen. And they killed one and maimed another. Seriously? The hell?

And okay, so I'm only four episodes into season one, but I'm not seeing this going anyplace good. Just sayin'