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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Release Day!!!!

Jaime Samms

Okay. So, me being me, I kept meaning to talk about this book as release day approached, and never seemed to find the time. Well, it's release day, and it's time, whether I have a few spare moments or not. SO here it is, Scars on his HeartScars on his Heart

Mostly, I want to make this post because this book requires a very special thank you to Elizabeth North (and all the Dreamspinner team) but most especially Elizabeth, and I'll tell you why.

A (very) Brief History of Me

I don't speak up in crowds. I sit quietly and I listen. I have bouts of confidence in which I might voice an opinion or agree with someone about something, but for the most part, I don't - and have never - been a vocal, out-there person.

To illustrate: I was taking archaeology in University. I was two and a half years in, even suffering through taking statistical analysis by correspondence (in the days before internet was commonplace) to get the credits I needed. I was loving the course, the digs, the lab work, all of it. Then came the class where the professor told us our mark would be based, about 80% on presentations, because in our line of work, the money for all that digging around with spoons and an old toothbrush came from the government or private funding. As scientists of ancient humanity, it was part of our job description to convince those with the cash to hand it over to us to dig holes in the ground on the off chance of finding something interesting.


No word of a lie. I packed up my school bags half way through the semester and walked away from a career I was invested in, emotionally and financially, because just the thought of getting up in front of my classmates to present an argument of any kind made me want to build a blanket fort in my living room and stay there forever.

So along comes this thing called a writing career, and I am bound and determined to fumble through it never having to do a reading in front of even one other person, ever.

Fly me to New York

In March of 2012, I attend a workshop for Dreamspinner writers and we break into groups to do some writing exercises. Unbeknownst to me when I signed up, a part of the exercise is to read the impromptu writing to our small group of four or five other writers. I was already nervous enough to discover that Ms. North has sat her illustrious self down at our table and intends to participate. Then I have to read brand new, written that moment work with the group, in front of my publisher. The nerves. They are beyond the beyond.

Back to the Now

The scene I wrote for the workshop that day became this book. The woman I had help up as a professional example became a personal hero, as well. Yes. She publishes my stories. But she inspires my life, and she took a bit of the fear from me that day and turned it to confidence in my abilities. There are never words to describe what that is worth, and that is why this book is dedicated to her. Thank you, Elizabeth.