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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

New Digs

Jaime Samms

So I may or may not have mentioned that I recently started a new-ish job. I still work from home and still for the same company, I just took on some extra duties. These duties are nicely conducive to being among the family chaos while I'm working. (Unlike writing for which I still have my cozy, Do-Not-Disturb retreat) Trouble was, I had set up a work station on the kitchen table, and that got awkward around meal times and any time anyone needed a flat surface to put down, say, a coffee cup or something.

New desk

So I nagged my husband to create a space for me that I could use while the tv was blaring and the kids were doing homework and he was cooking that didn't banish me when the writing day was done.

New desk close

He finally sifted through the remains of various pieces of furniture we have stashed around the premises and this is what he came up with.

The table top came from an antique piece of built-in furniture long ago ripped from it's original home and stored in our basement before we lived here. The legs from a disused kitchen table we decided we didn't like. The pillow was a bit of hooking I found in my grandmother's linen closet 15 years ago when we moved in, and the chair came from his mother when she downsized. The lamp is from my daughter's dance teacher who found one she liked better and so we volunteered to re-home her old one. Now I can work in the family room and my work station is stylish when I'm not working as everything tucks away into the drawers when I'm not using it.

My earth-friendly daughter will be thrilled with the outcome. I feel all tree-huggy right now, and I'm uber-thrilled with the outcome.

Thanks, hubs and boy-child for the fantastic use of a few scraps of wood, screws and ingenuity. You've both made me very happy today.