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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

On Teenagers

Jaime Samms

Fuzzy socks I'm sure anyone who has spent any amount of time in close proximity to teenagers won't find this surprising. In fact, they will likely titter behind their hands and nod knowingly.

Two days ago, I popped into the dollar store and bought five pair of fuzzy socks like this one. Five pair. This morning, I went in my drawer to fetch one, because my feet were cold and found one.

That's what teenagers do.

empty dancers

Also, the last thing I did when I left the house earlier today was ask hubs to remind our teenager (for the third time this weekend) that if she wanted clean dance clothes for the week, she had to bring her dirty clothes downstairs to the laundry area.

When I returned home, after she had left for rehearsal, it was to see that her room's floor is covered with what appear to be empty dancer shells. ie: pink tights still sticking out the legs of navy blue leotards, sprawled on the floor like broken dolls. And yes. As you can see, it looks exactly as disconcerting as it sounds. Like ballerinas have shed their skins, same as snakes do, and abandoned them on the floor of my daughter's room.

(Note the lone, crumpled fuzzy sock in their midst...)