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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Video and other stuff Roundup

Jaime Samms

So this morning, I have a fun video round up for you, as well as a link to a hilarious life story from a random tumblre that a friend showed me last night that was too good not to share. So first up is Angel Martinez. I had the good fortune to listen to her panel at GRL in Chicago this year, as she talked about writing sc-fi. I realized at that time that she will always be way better at it than I will ever be, and that I am, in the sci-fi writing world, probably going to remain a one-hit-wonder. Which is ok. For today, I want you to check out Angel's blog where she reads from all kinds of other people's books. Today, she is reading from my story, Renegade, and she does a fantabulous job. Thanks, Angel!!!

Check out Angel's blog, Romance for the Hungry Mind because I recently listened to her reading from The Butterfly King, and I love listening to her read. You can so totally tell she enjoys it.

And then for the fun factor, I ran across this video of large manly men meeting kittens somewhere. Probably on someone's facebook feed, but it's cute and the guys are ridiculous. I laughed.

And as a final treat for you all, you have to read this story. It's so funny. I laughed, and will never think of my church hymnal in quite the same way again. Especially because the ones we use are veritable tombs...

A Christmas story told on demand to relieve some stress for the requestor. And everyone else.