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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

Roofers, Imminent Travel, Deadlines

Jaime Samms

Sitting at my desk in the basement writing this morning, it took me a good ten minutes to figure out the sense of unsettled weirdness scratching at my concentration was actually a guy on my roof scraping away old shingles. (I actually went upstairs at one point to find Hubby to try and figure out what the hell he was doing!) They didn't come knock on my door or anything (they called last night to let us know they would be here, but did I remember that? Oh hells no). They just parked sideways in my drive, tucking their dump trailer right up against my side door and began pounding away. It wasn't long before they'd pounded right through my focus and blew a hole out the other side.

IMG_2940So what the hell. I switched to work, and got a fair amount done. That's easier and doesn't require quite so much single-minded focus on my part. While ducking in and out of email, though, I was reminded of the date and that I will be travelling inside of a week to dog-sit for my mother in law. After that, I leave straight from there to go to GayRomLit.

Travelling makes me anxious when I have a nice family send-off to ease me into it. There will be no one to send me off.  My sister in law will pick up the dog after I leave and she gets off work. Only the puppy will be around to wave good bye.

I'm sort of terrified.

All this distraction is sort of messing with my ability to concentrate on  a story about a ballet dancer who's been told he can't dance ballet any more or he risks ruining his body.  You know. Because I'm trying to write something a little less angsty than my usual fare. Oh bother. I don't think it's working...

Sasha on roofing day

Not to mention this critter, who is so unnerved by all the banging and thumping he can't decide if he wants to sit on my feet, my lap, or my laptop. Right now, he is jammed into the 7X10 space on my desk behind my laptop screen and under the bookshelf and every three minutes or so attempts to creep out a little further to lie on the laptop keyboard.

In any case, I'm hoping not to have to chalk this day up to another measly 500 word day. Anyone got any miracle cure for the nasty distraction bug sitting in my brain? I could use some help here.