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The blog of m/m author Jaime Samms. 

New Release - Soon

Jaime Samms

I know it's been quite a while since I last wrote a holiday story. I'm not sure what promted me to do so this year. I think I just needed to shake things up a bit. Never let it be said the writing lifeis easy. Keeping things fresh and the spark alive is tough some days. Sometimes, tough for weeks on end. 

pen and page.jpg

So, I went the holiday route to see if Christmas cheer in July (that's when the book had to be done) would help. I guess it did, because here we are. Eugene and the Box of Nails will be out with the Dreamspinner Advent Calendar package in December. The package, titled "Stocking Stuffers", is already available for Pre-order. $49.99 gets you one short story or novella a day, every day in December. Sounds like agreat excuse to cordon off a portion of every day to read some love, laughter and gift exchange.

Here's the buy link where you can find all the nitty-gritty details details:


 As for Eugene and Cullen, I hope you like their story, the faint glimpse this story gives of on corner of my home town, where Eugene built his fictional house, on the edge of the lake in the center of the city where I grew up.

BLURB: Every time it seems like things are looking up for Eugene Kraft, disaster hits. Bankruptcy, a bigoted sibling, and a back-breaking accident have all left him with little money and less faith in the universe. His last-ditch effort at peace is the small lakeside property where he is building a tiny house from recycled materials. If he can get it livable before the cold sets in, maybe he’ll be okay. Hopefully Cullen, the foreman on the construction site next door, won’t notice Eugene pilfering discarded materials from his dumpster. When Cullen stops by to talk to Eugene, he’s sure the gig is up—but all Cullen wants is a date. Can two things go right in Eugene’s life? At first it seems possible. Projects on Eugene’s house are getting completed by what he dubs “construction elves” while he’s off site. But like Eugene predicted, his good fortune can’t last, and soon he has a tough choice to make: give up his home… or the man of his dreams.