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Rainbow Alley 1: Hotwired Heart Excerpt

This is a small taste of Jamie Samms story ; Rainbow Alley Series 1: Hotwired Heart

Hotwired Heart Excerpt: 

“He’s a good guy. God, he can cook!” Marky patted his stomach. “And pushy. I think I’ve put on five pounds already.”

“In a week?” Rolly laughed and pulled Marky up into his lap. “You need some meat on these bones.” His smile shone up at Marky, though. “It’s good. This is good, yeah? You’re happy?”

Marky nodded. “I am.” He caressed Rolly’s face and leant down to kiss him. “I know they’re all about helping me get back on my feet, but it goes both ways. They need me. I like that feeling.”

“I need you too.” Rolly took Marky’s hand that he was holding, and pushed it down between them, to the growing erection in his pants.

“That’s an entirely different kind of need,” Marky teased.

“One you are uniquely positioned to satisfy.” Rolly stood, dumping Marky back onto his feet. “Or will be, in a minute.” He snapped off the light. The office went dark, making it near impossible for anyone in the bar to see through the expanse of window above. “Bend over, Baby.” Rolly pressed the back of Marky’s neck until he was leaning over the desk.

“Someone might—”

“See me fucking you?” Rolly reached around, undid Marky’s jeans, and yanked them down. “So?”

“So...” Marky’s breath caught as his cock sprang free and slapped against his belly. Rolly didn’t waste any time lubing and getting his fingers up Marky’s ass. “So...fuck.” He dropped his head and reached for his cock and the leather ring surrounding its base.

“Uh, uh.” Rolly slapped his hand away. “I told you to wear it. I didn’t tell you to take it off. Wait for it.” He did stroke Marky a few times, though, good, firm strokes that made him moan. “So what if someone did walk in and find us with my cock up your ass?” Rolly asked, his voice a raw rumble that crawled up Marky’s spine and raised the hair on the back of his neck.

“So,” Marky’s voice hitched, his breath caught as Rolly slid into him. “They’d know I was yours.” Rolly’s cock ran over Marky’s prostate, drove into him, deep and satisfying, and he gasped. The next few minutes narrowed to Rolly’s greedy pleasure as he thrust into Marky, intent on getting himself to the edge of release. It worked for Marky, too, driving him to beg. “God, please, Rolly.”

“Not yet.” Rolly leant forward and clamped Marky’s hands to the desk with his own. “Say it again. With conviction.”

“I’m yours,” Marky whispered, breath too short to allow anything more.

Rolly licked at his ear. “Louder.”

“Yours.” Marky found his voice, the need to come, the need to please his lover overriding everything. “I belong to you. Please. I wanna come.”

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