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Coming Soon

From Dreamspinner Press - November 21, 2016

The final chapter of my Dance, Love, Live series has been written. Last month saw the release of the third and final full length novel. Next month will see the collection come out in one print anthology with three new short stories giving tiny glimpses into some of the characters' lives between the pages you've already read.  I hope you enjoy them.

First off, we see more of a character mentioned in book one, Landry, Adam's dance partner for his graduation piece. Since the book was focused on Dusty and Conrad, this was only a side mention as part of studio life. Now, you'll get to see how Adam and Landry spent their summer and created one of the studio's most memorable ballet pieces.

The second short story tells the tale of Dusty's rocky road to recovery after his knee surgery. It was a tense few weeks for book one's couple, but there is something to be said for the strength of love and the capacity it has to help heal.

And finally, in the third short, we get a final glimpse of everyone's favourite villain, Calvin Denvers, and his start on the road to redemption. It's a tough trek for anyone, but he has help in choreographer Holland, who is more than willing to hold his hand and pass his meds as Calvin learns how to live a kinder, gentler life.

Coming in the New Year

Dreamspinner will be republishing an old novella of mine, Permenant Ink, in January. The story has been heavily edited, and I hope, improved. It tells the story of a young man learning to overcome his misconceptions, see past someone's outer appearance, get to know the true spirit of the person before passing judgement. Good people make bad choices sometimes. And loving people occasionally need to practice patience and learn to listen in order to learn the truth.

 In February, a re-release of the first two Off Stage books will precede the upcoming release of the third and last book in that series. More info on that as it comes available.

Future Projects

Safe and Sound

Book six is underway. For anyone who has wondered what about Rikki. Now is your chance to find out. Rikki's had some rough experiences over the past few books. He's put himself out there to protect those weaker than himself, and it has cost him. Now, it's his turn to find what he needs.

Simon has been used. For his body, his skills, and his access to Rolly's household. He's gun-shy now. But in Rikki, he sees someone who needs something Simon has to offer. Time and patience. With Rikki, he also feels the one thing he needs to feel more than anything else: safe. Together, maybe they can begin the healing process that the all of the Alley will need before the final tale is told.

Young Adult

Frankie has been sole provider for his two younger brothers, Adam and Jack since their parents' deaths when he was seventeen. He's put off school, friends, love, life to make sure his brothers stay on the right path, and to pay for their dreams. Now, with Adam graduating high school and Jack about to make his ballet dreams come true, it's Rickie's chance to find his own bliss. Small wonder he falls for the first man who comes along. Ralph Johnson seems like the perfect boyfriend: older, rich and devoted to Frankie and his brothers. But Adam doesn't trust Ralph, or the way he seems so interested in Jack's quirks. He thinks rather than the love of his life, Rickie has brought a predator into their home, but no one ever listens to the middle child.