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Coming Soon

From Dreamspinner Press - June 12, 2017

The final chapter for the boys in the band, Firefly's Damian and Lenny get some closure, but more importantly, Kilmer, the ranch manager who helped Len find his zen and learn to belong to Vance, will get his own happily ever after.

Kilmer has been languishing in an unfulfilling relationship with Jacko for a while now. When they started out four years ago, Kilmer thought he was going to get exactly what he wanted: a Dom who could separate the sex from love, and love from the scene.

Turns out, what Kilmer wants and what he needs are worlds apart. When he finally has the balls to send Jacko packing, he finds solace at the local with a glass or five of whiskey and the acquaintance of the house band's singer, Tanner

It's been years for Tanner. With his poor hearing and his past mistakes to remind him, he's shied away from the lifestyle for years. Meeting Kilmer helps him remember just what it is about the right submissive that had him train to be a Dom in the first place.

As their story unfolds, you'll see them make mistakes, fail to communicate, remember why the music matters, and ultimately, decide if really good sex, true submission and love that makes their souls sing can make up for the heartaches they've already been through.


Coming later in 2017

From Riptide Publishing and Bluewater Bay:

They've asked me back to write another Bluewater Bay title. The story of Peter, a director's assistant trying to make a name in the business, his lover Vince, the office mouse from How the Cookie Crumbles and Vince's office mate Lee will be Bluewater Bay's twentieth title.

These three guys are brought together when Lee hurts his back in a fall and Vince volunteers to care for him when he can't make it up the five flights of stairs to his stark, lonely apartment. As Lee settles deeper and deeper into the house Pete and Vince share, he begins to see there's more to the sweet young couple that would first seem apparent.

Vince, the office mouse Lee has been pushing around at work turns out to be no pushover on the love front, and surrendering to that gentle, implacable power is something Lee has to decide if he wants. It doesn't hurt that submissive Pete, who's a boss at work and a bottom in bed, is hell-bent on convincing Lee his apartment was a phase and Pete's house is truly his home.

And a new series: Well Met at the Hen and Hog

The Hen and Hog is a small, English style pub with a hipster vibe and a derth of televisions, where the rainbow flag flies proud. Taking a page from the Cheers bible, the staff and patrons of the Hen and Hog take close care of one another. They delight in meddling in everyone's love lives. They are quick t beat back the haters, but even quicker to raise a glass to health, love and happiness, no matter what your background, orientation or gender or who you happen to love.

The first book in the series follows Jed and Ira. Jed tends bar at the Hen and Hog, as well as takes on the role of superintendent for the apartment building where Ira lives. Artist Ira has had his eye, and his heart, set on Jed for some time, but knows Jed probably has no idea who he is. Jed's too busy being everyone else's hero to notice one high-heel and skirt wearing college dropout who has to resort to exotic dancing to pay the rent. Much to Ira's chagrin, Jed is right there to sweep him off his heels when Ira's irrational ex reapears in his life trying to take back what was never his to begin with.

Book two will follow the bar's owner, Diesel and Ira's frienemy and fellow dancer, Mitch. More when that tale starts taking shape.

Book three will be about young Brams and Jed's fellow barman, Landon. Again, more as it develops.


In the Works

A Dreamspun Beyond tale of shifters and love

I'm working on uniting a modern day hippie, Sunny, with a magical creature he finds in his back yard.

Dragon shifter Enhazamiell (or Emile, because no one is going to remember his shifter name) has escaped an onerous life by slipping through the Fold at dusk and holing up in a run-down shack on Sunny's back forty. Little did he know that slipping through the fold with him was a trickle of the magic that keeps his land running. With the magic propping the Fold open, strange things begin happening in the human world, and Emile is having a hard time controlling his shift as the pockets of his world settle in invisible wrinkles over Sunny's land. He has no idea how he is going to hide his erratic partial shifts from Sunny when he cant stand to be out of the man's presence for more than a few hours at a time. It will be impossible if he gives in to his heart's yearning to take the human to mate.

Sunny, in the meantime, is quite taken with the naive and yet wise stranger he found in his old shack. His dog seems to like Emile, and Sunny has to admit, the man's ethereal looks and graceful body are more than a little bit enticing, despite his resolve to live off the land and leave other people behind for a life of solitude and simplicity after the media storm of his parents' disappearances.

Safe and Sound

Book six is underway. For anyone who has wondered what about Rikki. Now is your chance to find out. Rikki's had some rough experiences over the past few books. He's put himself out there to protect those weaker than himself, and it has cost him. Now, it's his turn to find what he needs.

Simon has been used. For his body, his skills, and his access to Rolly's household. He's gun-shy now. But in Rikki, he sees someone who needs something Simon has to offer. Time and patience. With Rikki, he also feels the one thing he needs to feel more than anything else: safe. Together, maybe they can begin the healing process that the all of the Alley will need before the final tale is told.

Young Adult

Frankie has been sole provider for his two younger brothers, Adam and Jack since their parents' deaths when he was seventeen. He's put off school, friends, love, life to make sure his brothers stay on the right path, and to pay for their dreams. Now, with Adam graduating high school and Jack about to make his ballet dreams come true, it's Rickie's chance to find his own bliss. Small wonder he falls for the first man who comes along. Ralph Johnson seems like the perfect boyfriend: older, rich and devoted to Frankie and his brothers. But Adam doesn't trust Ralph, or the way he seems so interested in Jack's quirks. He thinks rather than the love of his life, Rickie has brought a predator into their home, but no one ever listens to the middle child.