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Freya's Bower


Inherent Sexuality Book One: Runaway

Returning home doesn’t have to mean reliving the past

After his father's death, Miles returns to the farm he ran from ten years ago. When his past returns to haunt him, he has to decide if the memories will fence him in, or if he's ready to free himself from remembered pain and return home.

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Flowers for Tokyo

Andre is pissed. Once again, his long-time lover has put his celebrity chef obligation ahead of their relationship. No mater how posh it is or how many lush bouquets adorn it, an empty apartment is still empty. Tired of being left behind, Andre flees their home for the bars and a night of club hopping with an old, debauched friend.

Frightened Andre is mad enough not to forgive him this time, and worried he might backslide into some old, bad habits, Jarrod resolves to find him, bring him home and make amends. But is there enough bling in the universe to change Andre's mind about keeping their personal life and Jarrod's professional one separate?

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Poor Boy

Losing everything is sometimes the only way to see what we really need in life.

All his life, Roy has had things easy; born to money and privilege, he's a grown man before he realizes how his father's money has bought his privilege off the backs and tragedies of too many people. Now he's on his own, and making his way in the world might be a lot harder than he thought.

When he meets street hustler, Scooby, he falls, hard and fast, not wanting to believe the possibility Scooby is one of the unfortunates his family has stepped over to get their way. As young and fragile as Scooby seems, he might be the only one strong enough to save Roy from himself.

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Moving Day

Rebuilding a life is never quite as easy as rebuilding a home, but Mike is finding they might be one and the same where Jay is concerned.

Mike Paloso has lost count of the number of times he's helped childhood friend Jay Charles move. Jay's never had much of a home to call his own, content to follow his boyfriends around, but each break-up means a new pad, until the next guy comes along. This time, it's different. There's been no break-up, and no new pad. Instead, there's one hell of a fixer-upper, and not just the house Jay's inherited from his latest, late, beau. This time, Mike has to find a way to repair Jay's broken dreams and mangled heart.

With every reno, there comes some demo, but Mike's not sure he's ready to dismantle his life to rebuild Jay's.

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Apron Strings

Letting go might be the only way to find a true feeling of security.

A successful business man and philanthropist, Neil has the sinking sensation he's having less stellar results in his personal life. He thinks his lover Danny is slipping away from him, now that his own career is taking off. Despite all Neil's careful attempts to treat him with respect and care, Danny spends more and more time daydreaming, and Neil's pretty sure he isn't the star of those dreams. Danny just wants Neil to share the dream, even if it means pushing him beyond his well-established routine.

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Life After

A human life is a fragile thing that can end long before death claims us.

John Brennon is at the end of his rope. His career is on the rocks, and his love life has died along with his unborn child. He finds small comfort with other mourners on a cold stone bench in a tiny cemetery where the overgrown gardens and tangled bushes echo his mood.

Kyle has decided it's time to bury his own past, and do some spring cleaning in his life, and he's going to start with the lonely, disheveled man occupying space in his graveyard. One small misunderstanding might just nip their chances in the bud, however, when John's ex girlfriend interrupts their first date.

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As Advertised

Jake seems like the perfect mix of possessive and exciting. Engaged wasn’t part of the package,  but then, Tyler didn’t read the fine print.  Cold, distant Steven, with his hopelessly mixed signals, is the guy to be avoided. Tyler should know by now, not everything is ‘as advertised’.

Tyler should know; as an ad executive, the packaging is what sells. And Jake is quite a package. So what if neither long-time friend Marty nor his landlady think much of Jake. Tyler is determined not to see the dark side of his lover, but when the truth becomes undeniable, not even an evening soaked in martinis will let him hide from it.

Weathering Jake's lies and secrets gets easier under the sheltering support of new friends, Libby and Steven. In fact, Tyler figures a lot of things might get easier with gorgeous, attentive Steven around.

Tyler should have known better. Again. Not even someone as seemingly perfect as Steven Jessop comes completely as advertised. This time, though, Tyler has to make a decision. After all, even if what you see is not what you get, Steven's imperfections might just be what he's always wanted, if only he can sell Steven on giving love another chance.

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