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Muses Vacation excerpt

This is a small taste of Jamie Samms story ; Muses's Vacation.

Muses's Vacation excerpt:

 “And just how long,” Leo asked, tossing the towel on the counter and advancing a few steps, “do you think you’re going to get away with being this bossy?”

 “I’m looking after you.” Patrick found himself backed against the counter. The edge dug into his ass. He put his hands back to relieve some of the pressure. “We agreed…”

Leo was staring down at him, very much not the wounded creature he’d been when he’d come upstairs, and Patrick caught his breath.

“That you’re meant to look after me.” He smiled a wolf’s grin.

Patrick’s heart tripped over itself getting blood to his dick. He nodded. “What do you want?”

Leo lifted one brow and stroked his palm over his own groin. Patrick nodded. A few deft flicks, and his pants dropped. Since Leo continued to watch him without issuing instruction, Patrick took it upon himself to decide how he was going to get fucked. The look in Leo’s eyes said clearly that was what came next. He squirmed until his ass was pressed against the rough denim of Leo’s jeans, and he could see the bare branches of the maple tree outside the window. The heat of Leo’s erection soaked right through the cloth, and Patrick shoved himself against it.

“Eager, much?” Leo caressed his ass, smooth palm gliding over equally smooth skin.

“Yes. God, yes.” Patrick spread his feet apart a little more to prove it.

“Good. Wait here.” Leo slapped his open palm against Patrick’s ass hard enough to elicit a yelp; then he was gone.

Available for purchase here